Starting with October 1, 2021, PRO SYS launches a completely new service in Romania - HPCaaS (High Performance Computing as a Service).

For begining, we provide customers with a processing power of 8.5 TFlops (double precision), 2 TB of DDR4 ECC memory, to which is added a net storage of 50 TB. Using the latest series of processors from AMD (Milan), together with Infiniband interconnection technology (specific for HPC clusters), we ensure a high power density and a very high scalability.

Compared to other players in the cloud market (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP), the solution we offer to our customers has the following advantages:

• Inbound and outbound (to and from) cluster traffic is neither counted nor charged. All players in the cloud market consistently charge egress traffic - the costs of transferring from the cloud to the customer quickly become unpredictable

• We guarantee dedicated resources for each client, we do not overprovision CPU, memory or storage. In this way we can guarantee the consistency of performance for all our clients, we do not offer anything "best effort" - everything is dedicated and reserved for the client

• Access to the HPC cluster is secure on two levels: dedicated VPN connection and secure access via SSH / HTTPS. The HPC cluster is accessible from anywhere with the Internet, but only through the secure access tools provided. Access is strictly controlled and monitored

• Customer data is ONLY theirs. Access to data is allowed ONLY to the customer, the data is ONLY on the EU territory and ONLY the EU legislation applies to them. We take security, confidentiality and data availability very seriously. We offer long-term backup and archiving services (encrypted - offsite on disk or tape) if necessary

• The solution we offer is "turnkey", PRO SYS provides all the necessary services.

What is different from "other service providers" can be summarized as follows:

- dedicated resources - predictable performance (what you pay for what you receive)

- predictable cost - precise budget, without “surprises” (no sophisticated calculations are needed to calculate prices…)

- simple use - operational management is "all-inclusive" (no need to learn the management of complex computing systems - it's our job)

- data security - secure access, EU location, EU legislation

- dedicated support - without “robots”, if you need something special / specific - a certain application, a certain configuration of resources - talk to us and we will solve


For details, you can contact us at:

Phone: +4021 252 4232

Email: office@prosys.ro

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